The Relationship Between the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System

Created by Christian Perucho

The Relationship
  • Lymphatic vessels are a part of the extensive network that is the lymphatic system
  • Each organ has a rich supply of lymphatic vessels
  • Their function is to transport lymph back to the heart
  • Lymph
    • A clear fluid that leaks from the blood stream to the lymphatic vessels
  • Lymph is chemically identical to plasma and interstitial fluid
    • Interstitial fluid- A solution that bathes and surrounds the cells of multi-cellular animals
  • Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid made up of:
    • Fluid from the intestine called chyle, which contains proteins and fats
    • White blood cells, especially lymphocytes, the cells that attack bacteria in blood
  • Lymphatic vessels also drain excess fluid from cells and tissues
  • The exchange between the two body systems maintains the blood volume and prevents edema
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